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About Me

I’m an LMFT practicing in Granada Hills, CA. I have 15 years of experience in the field of mental health. I graduated from UCLA in 2003 with a Bachelors in Psychology and graduated from Antioch University , Los Angeles in 2006 with a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology.

My clinical experience includes providing treatment to children/adolescents and adults experiencing symptoms of anxiety, depression, life stressors and changes, difficulty coping, and trauma. I also have experience in improving parenting skills, as a parent myself, I know how hard parenting can be and how it can affect our mental health. I am trained in a positive parenting model to assist in improving the parent-child relationship. My clinical approach can be a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy and psychodynamic theory, I will tailor it to what you need. I’m also trained in trauma informed practices. My professional experience includes providing supervision for mental health providers in the individual and group setting.

As we get started it is very important for me to build a trusting relationship. I will provide optimism, warmth, empathy, and perhaps slight humor with the hope of encouraging transparency and self-exploration. I believe that our past relationship patterns tend to be repeated throughout our lives, therefore I try to help explore past life events and attachment styles as themes that may be influencing our current behaviors and relationships, including the way we parent. My hope for you is to get to know yourself better, find balance, emotional healing, and happiness.

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