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Image by Daraspong Chomkwan


Individual Adult Therapy

I specialize in treating adults that struggle with Anxiety, Depression,and Trauma.


If you’d like help with improving your parenting skills then I can help. I will focus completely on giving you the tools to helping you manage conflicts with your child/adolescent. In these sessions I’d work mostly with the parent (s). 


*Please note I am not a family court evaluator for custody cases.


I use EMDR( Eye-Movement Desensitization & 
Reprocessing) to treat and relieve PTSD, acute stress, and anxiety symptoms resulting from traumatic and other life experiences. If you are experiencing ongoing symptoms related to trauma then EMDR may be appropriate for you.


Life can get busy and sometimes although you really want to attend therapy, schedules can get complicated, Telehealth is the use of technology to provide therapy using the internet. Telehealth has now become a convenient option for many clients. I use a HIPAA compliant online portal to conduct sessions.  Telehealth is an option if you live in California.

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